PDF of Slope Iteration Times

Additional Statistics:

Lower bound Estimate Upper bound
Throughput 96.390 MiB/s 98.004 MiB/s 99.624 MiB/s
0.0047452 0.0049232 0.0047350
Mean 10.038 ms 10.204 ms 10.375 ms
Std. Dev. 724.10 µs 859.20 µs 981.95 µs
Median 9.9463 ms 10.083 ms 10.418 ms
MAD 638.64 µs 785.97 µs 1.0432 ms

Additional Plots:

Understanding this report:

The plot on the left displays the average time per iteration for this benchmark. The shaded region shows the estimated probability of an iteration taking a certain amount of time, while the line shows the mean. Click on the plot for a larger view showing the outliers.

The plot on the right shows the average time per iteration for the samples. Each point represents one sample.

See the documentation for more details on the additional statistics.